Chase Anderson




Sigmund, Gemma, Sophie, Henry, Adam



Love Interest



Friendly, Optimistic, Determined, Loyal, Curious, Insecure, Shy (sometimes)

Chase is the American, male lead on Milkweed Academy with blonde hair.


He comes from the United States (Montgomery, Alabama to be exact.) He is in eighth grade. Season 1 is his first year at Milkweed, and this is due to his grandma finding out he's a wizard just recently. He had been practicing wizardry in secret as a self-taught wizard. Born to a wizard dad and a normal mom, his father died when he was three (he doesn't remember why) and his mother sent him away to live with his British-American grandma at the age of four. This is due to the fact that his mom had to do many business trips for work and would never be around to care for him.


Chase isn't really used to life in England at Milkweed. While he might not be the best wizard, he is optimistic, determined, and ready for anything! He's also a loyal friend who always known what's right, even though he can be shy at times. He's also quite insecure. Chase doesn't really get along with his roommate, Colin. However, he made some friends - Sigmund, Adam (in season 1) and Henry (in seasons 2-3). He has a secret crush on Rebecca and often shows signs of affection towards her, but she prefers to think of the two of them as just friends.

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