Gemma Moonshower (Gemma the Conjurer)




Rebecca, Chase, Sigmund, Sophie, Adam, Henry


Blossom, Rosie, Poppy, Celeste

Love Interest



Sweet, Kind, Nice, Dramatic, Tomboyish, Sensitive, Humble

Gemma's another Milkweed Academy character.


Gemma is in the eighth grade, and she has gone to Milkweed her whole life. She is a bit tomboyish, and has two sides to her. She's usually sweet, nice, and kind, but you don't want to mess with Gemma! This girl's super-sensitive and can sometimes be overly-dramatic when there's a problem. When she's in a bad mood, she has a tendency to cast harmful spells. She just can't help it! Rebecca and her are BFFs and roommates. Gemma and Colin are crushing on each other. Gemma isn't jealous of Rebecca's relationship with Sigmund - in fact, she's very humble. She finds all of Rebecca's jokes to be HILARIOUS. She has a brother named William, and Sophie becomes her roommate beginning in season 2. Her nickname is "Gemma the Conjurer."

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