Rebecca Magica is the famous British Sorceress with a crush on Sigmund. She's a Milkweed Academy character who guest-starred on a Fanboy and Chum Chum episode as a cartoon character.

Rebecca Magica (Rebecca the Sorceress)




Colin, Gemma, Sophie, Henry, Adam, Kyle, Chase


Blossom, Rosie, Poppy, Mariko

Love Interest



Friendly, Beautiful, Cheerful, Clever, Intelligent, Cool, Calm, Relaxed, Mellowed-Out, Kind-Hearted, Romantic, Showboating (Sometimes), Snobbish (Sometimes), Bossy (Sometimes) and Vain (Sometimes).

Depiction on Milkweed AcademyEdit

She's a witch/sorceress who has gone to Milkweed all her life. Rebecca and Sigmund are girlfriend and boyfriend, which makes Chase very jealous of their relationship. Chase secretly has a crush on her. While she does like Chase and thinks he's a great guy, she thinks of him as just a friend. Rebecca is very popular at Milkweed, and that's mostly because of her winning personality and relationship with Sigmund. Rebecca is intelligent, loves reading and casting spells, and speaks 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese). She also tells great jokes, is friendly and welcoming, and showed Chase around Milkweed on his first day. However, Rebecca is very fond of boasting and bragging. Whether she's bragging about the fact that her boyfriend is famous or that she can extend her tongue, she'll always find something to brag about. This flirty girl can also be a bit cunning at times. Roommates: Gemma, Sophie (Seasons 2-3)


She has Autism.

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