Sigmund Z. Sorcerer, aka Sigmund the Sorcerer, is a Famous German Child Wizarding Celebrity and Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason's old rival from Milkweed Academy.









Student, Wizard, Sorcerer, Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason's Arch Rival and Wizarding Celebrity.


Chase, Colin, Adam, Gemma, Rebecca (love interest), Sophie, Fanboy, Chum Chum, Necronomicon, Yo, Lupe, Oz, Nancy Pancy, Cher Leader, Michael Johnson, Duke and Chris Chuggy.


Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason, Henry, Olaf the Outstanding

Depiction on Milkweed AcademyEdit

Sigmund is a well-known, very popular, and famous wizard/sorcerer from Germany. Rebecca's his girlfriend, and the two are very affectionate towards each other. He is the son of the previous Sigmund D. Sorcerer, who had a TV show. He keeps the family tradition going with his very own TV show, filmed every Friday at Milkweed and broadcast throughout England on TV every Saturday. Due to this he is very well-known and liked. Sigmund, like Rebecca, is a bragger. He's also flamboyant, full of himself, and stuck-up. He is the anti-hero of the show. The other students see Sigmund as a jerk. He loves his merchandise called "Merchan-dazzle," which he sells at the school store for "Sigmund Cash" which he often hands out to other students. He's glad that Kyle was expelled from Milkweed because the two had a very strong rivalry ever since a nasty magical mishap back in the day. His roommate is Adam in season 1, and Henry beginning in season 2.

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